Expert Panel: Renee Taglia Master Colorist and Wella Educator

IMG_2012The “Expert Panel”  for Jenn Moran Beauty consists of renowned leaders in various fields of beauty and fashion who will share their knowledge and experience with you.  Renee Taglia is recognized as a master colorist.  She is a Wella brand educator, teaching the art of coloring to salon professional across the United States.  Renee is the third member of the Expert Panel to share her valuable tips and secrets.  Please post interesting beauty and fashion questions and I will choose several to be answered by our Expert Panel once a month.


Renee is respected within the industry for, among other skills, her talent in making every woman look stunning by enhancing and blending the precise colors for that “sun kissed glow.”

She has been featured multiple times on AOL and the Huffington Post and has dedicated the past 10 years to developing broad based techniques for natural looking hair color and superb color corrections.  Some of her celebrity clients are Carrie Preston, Ali Fedowski, Dave Koz, and the list goes on.  Out of confidentiality and respect, Renee is understandably tight lipped about mentioning specific cliental; however, she is willing to share her secret tips with us to make every woman beautiful.

To further enhance her skills, Renee relocated to Los Angeles and expanded her expertise to specializes in Highlighting, Coloring, Straightening, Corrective Coloring and is a Global Keratin Certified Specialist.

With a background in communications, Renee listens intently to her clients’ requests and formulates specific programs tailored to achieve their individual goals. Her personalized approach separates Renee from most other hair colorist.  Her stunning results are evidenced across a wide range of loyal clients, including high-profile celebrities in LA and Chicago.



 Get to know Renee

Q:  Please share, with the viewers, the name of your company, your title and explain in your own words what you do.

A: I am a Master Hair Colorist who custom Formulates your Optimum Color that will compliment your natural Eye Color, Face Shape, Lifestyle and Natural Hair Color and texture.

Q:  What aspect(s) of beauty are you most passionate about?

A: I am most passionate about working with what a Client was given naturally.  Period.  Accentuating his or her best assets and diminish imperfections.  You would be amazed how much can be achieved with suitable Color and Tone specifically formulated for an individual.  Meanwhile, optimizing his/her Color and Strength.

Q:  What is your ethnic background?  What specific beauty challenges do you attribute to your ethnicity?  What products or techniques best handle these challenges?

A: I am Italian and Irish- quite the passionate combination. A daily Leave-in protein cream to protect your hair from the harsh environmental elements is essential.  I recommend SH-RD Protein Cream. It contains Panthenol which is a derivative of vitamin B5.  Great for protecting the hair without weighing it down.

Q:  In the event of an earthquake, what is the first beauty product you would not leave behind?

A: My Show head filter!  Copper and Chlorine erode your cuticle layer.  My Shower Head filter removes these toxins before they even touch my hair. 

Q:  What is the most secretive beauty tip you can bring yourself to share with us?

A: Less is more with regards to daily styling.  Throw away your flat iron and embrace your natural wave.  Effortless beach hair is forever sought after.  Not only is your flat iron 400 degrees of two steel plates burning your hair- it’s opening your follicle every time you use it.  Think of it as a door, the more you open it, the weaker the hinges become.