Jenn Moran Beauty is my commitment to sharing beauty and fashion information and providing helpful advice based on my aesthetics background, professional experience and network of industry experts.  I believe as women we can find our best, most beautiful versions of ourselves by enhancing our beautiful traits in a natural, effortless way.

My goals are to share easy steps to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, your make-up flawless day and night, your hair and nails looking fab and your outfits flattering for your specific body type.



I am inspired by the beauty in each person waiting to be noticed, enhanced and celebrated.  Beauty is a continuous journey that is best travelled and most enjoyed with trusted companions.

As a woman of mixed Korean and Puerto Rican ethnicity, I grew up in foster homes and discovered my love for beauty and fashion through preparing the hair, make-up and clothes each morning for my younger foster sisters of various ethnicities.  Today, my passion continues as I share my experiences and advice with friends, family and on-line followers.  Every woman has beautiful attributes to be enhanced and specific challenges to be finessed.


  • Licensed Aesthetician
  • Patient coordinator for multiple double-Board Certified Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons
  • Patient assistant to Beverly Hills Internal Medicine practice
  • Executive manager – leading medical spa
  • Trained make-up artist for:  Clé de Peau, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Lancome
  • Trained and certified by Lash by Lash Extensions
  • Product-specific training by:  Cutera lasers; Allergan injectables; Medical-grade Vi Peel; Melanage Peel; Dermalogica skincare; Sinitas skincare; iS Clinical skincare; Young Pharmaceuticals
  • Trained nail technician
  • Member of Condé Nast Style Society
  • Member of The Vogue Influencer Network
  • HuffPost Style and Beauty Blogger


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What is your ethnicity?
I am mixed Asian and Black/Latina.  I actually did the AncestryDNA and 23andme DNA tests.  I am 30% Korean, 25% Black and Puerto Rican (West African. Spanish/Portuguese, and Native American), 20% Japanese, 15% Russian/Kazakhstani and 10% Chinese.

Do you wear hair extensions?
No.  Hair extensions can work miracles if they are of quality hair and blend naturally; however, I have never tried them.  My hair is naturally thick and coarse so maintaining moisture and manageability are my challenges.  Ironically, I have a large scar on the top of my head (from a childhood accident) which is sometimes visible and has been mistaken for a bad extension job.

Where do you live?
I have been residing in sunny Los Angeles since 2010.

What is your beauty regiment?
Morning: Cleanser with my trusty Clarisonic, toner, essence, vitamin C serum, mix of moisturizer and SPF 30. If I absolutely need to be presentable, I add tinted moisturizer, mascara, fill in my brows, and tinted lip balm.

Night: Oil Pre-Cleanse, Cleanser with my Clarisonic brush, toner, essence, serum, night cream, eye cream, spot treatment (if needed) and lip balm. If I go out at night for dinner or an event I add blush and highlighter to my “presentable” day regiment.  I rock either a smokey eye with eyeliner and pale lip or bare eyes and bold lip.  If I really want to glam it up, I add fake eyelashes, concealer under my eyes and set with finishing powder.

I exfoliate and mask twice on the weekends and spray tan once a week.

What are your hobbies, what interests you?
I love anything associated with beauty and fashion which brings women together to promote a positive outlook.  I’ve got a soft spot for animals and obsess over my pups Zoe and Donovan. I enjoy hiking with them at Runyon Canyon Park.  My friends know I have a vocal preference for adopting pets from animal shelters or rescue organizations. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend or friends over a great meal.  Given my multi-ethnic background, I have always been open to all types of cuisine – will try anything once, as long as it doesn’t move.  To “chill out”, I enjoy revealing documentaries, following world news and well-directed action, independent, foreign or historical films.  Beauty and fashion magazines are always within reach of my couch as well as my iPod, which is filled with my array of musical taste. My childhood was challenging and frequently humbling, so I find myself drawn to other people who are empathetic and warm with an unconquerable spirit.