Expert Panel: Suzie K Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Co-Owner Of O.R.G Skincare


The “Expert Panel”  for Jenn Moran Beauty consists of world-renowned leaders in various fields of beauty and fashion who will share their knowledge and experience with you.  Suzie K is recognized as one of the leading celebrity make -up artists  in the industry and the second member of the Expert Panel to share her secrets.  Post interesting beauty and fashion questions and I will choose several to be answered by our Expert Panel.

Suzie K is respected within the industry for her talent in making every woman or man look stunning and camera ready.  Known for working with multi-ethnic clients, Suzie’s ability to enhance and blend the precise colors for all skin types is no less than astonishing.  Her celebrity clients include, among many others, Moon Bloodgood, Angela Bassett, Jamie Chung, Christina Milian, Kim Kardashian, Louren Conrad, Jessica Stroup, Kenya Moore, Daniel Day Kim, Blair Underwood, Ryan Kwanten and Rodrigo Sanotoro…The list goes on and on…

Suzie displays her makeup artistry internationally among the beauty, fashion, editorial, and advertising elite.  After graduating from a top university with a degree in Business Finance, Suzie combined keen business acumen and spirited artistic expression to launch her career towards becoming the go-to Hollywood make-up artist.  As she expanded her clientele to include leading actors, runway models and musicians, her portfolio exploded with widely recognized images in movies, periodicals and red carpet events..

Even while working and socializing with celebrities under the glare of the media spotlight, Suzie has maintained her down-to-earth, easily-approachable attitude and positive energy.  She is quite a rare gem!

Get to know Suzie K.


Q:  Please share, with the viewers, the name of your company, your title and explain in your own words what you do.

A:  Suzie Kim O.R.G Skincare, Co-Founder and Make-up Artist.

Q:  What aspect(s) of beauty are you most passionate about?

A:  I am most passionate about self-expression through beauty.  I got into beauty because it made me discover who I was and begin to accept myself and my features.  I am also very passionate about the creative art aspect in beauty that still continues to inspire me through make-up and hair editorials all over the world.

Q:  What is your ethnic background?  What specific beauty challenges do you attribute to your ethnicity?  What products or techniques best handle these challenges?

A:  I am Korean-American.  I never wore eyeshadow because I thought it wasn’t created for Asian eyes.  All the step-by-step guides I followed in my teen fashion magazines were clearly not meant for an Asian eyelid.  I quickly became frustrated and hopeless after many failed attempts and the consistent horrified looks from my family members.  After my first trip to Korea, I saw all the girls my age with perfectly blended eyeshadows in green and blue which were in trend at the time.  I walked into the hippest boutique and begged for a tutorial.  The girl who worked there explained to me that with our almond shaped eyes, we want them to look bigger and more open.  She blending the darkest shade closest to the lashes and faded upwards to the lightest shade right under the eyebrows.  From that day on, I realized it was all about blending for my eyes. 

Q:  In the event of an earthquake, what is the first beauty product you would not leave behind?  

A:  Lashes, lashes and more lashes.

Q:  What is the most secretive beauty tip you can bring yourself to share with us?

A:  Uhhhh, must I really share???  You all better thank Miss Jenn Moran for the hookup…  One of my best kept secrets:  warm up your mascara tube a bit before applying.  You will use less and get even better results because it  will coat your lashes like butter.  Then use a metal lash comb to separate the lashes.  You can warm it with a blow dryer for about 20-30 seconds…or hold it between your thighs while you finish all your other makeup.