Head Scarf Trend

_MG_0847 copy 3There is something uniquely beautiful about a woman who wears a head scarf.  When accessorized with brightly colored, printed, textured or silky material, or wrapped creatively.  I nod in respect to those who wear them for religious or cultural identity.

Photos: Juan Grisales

This scarf was given to me at my last birthday party.  I’m unsure of the brand but the soft texture and spotted print made it a perfect scarf as a head wrap.  It feels a bit bohemian when I wear it.  I wear it the most simple way, wrapped around my forehead and tied in a loose knot at the base of my head.  If you’re tight on time, wear a head scarf to instantly look glamorous. They’re great for covering up bad hair days.  I like wearing scarfs with flowing dresses, all black and under a fedora hat.  I accessorized this scarf with a flowing, deep v-neck last season dress by SaboSkirt, an Xevana necklace , rings from Mexico and London and bangles from H&M.  How do you wear a scarf and accessorize it?

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