Bold Lips and Silver Accents

_MG_0907 copy 3Bold Lips, accessories and all black will always be in style.  Here are some easy tips to transition them into Fall/Winter trends.  Because it’s fun to look fabulous when it’s easy!

Photos: Juan Grisales

_MG_0927 copy 3Every woman looks great in a bold, plum lip color.  Make sure it’s the correct finish which enhances your lips correctly.  Here are the general guidelines:  For medium to fuller lips, go for an opaque/satin finish and make sure to blot.  If you have smaller lips, go for a sheer/glossy finish to make your lips appear fuller.  Here, I am wearing M.A.C Rebel lipstick.

Aviator sunglasses are edgy and flattering.  The key is to find the design that works best for your face shape.  I have a fuller face, so I go for larger frames and lenses that are set wider apart.  Don’t be apposed to shopping in the men’s sections.  In general, bigger is better when it comes aviators.  If you get a designer pair, go for gunmetal, gold or black frames.  These will stay on trend through the seasons.  I’m wearing Prada aviator sunglasses.

I am notorious for wearing all black.  It’s chic, easy to put together, great with layers, simple to combine with textures and appears slimming.  Most importantly, everybody looks great in all black and it NEVER goes out of style!  When your pressed for time or struggling to put something together, wear all black.  I am wearing a Forever21 crop top and a faux leather pencil skirt that I stumbled upon at Crossroads Trading Co.

Jewelry is a key component to elevating any outfit.  My motto: go big or go home (I would run around with Liberache-sized jewelry if I could get away with it).  If you prefer classic or dainty jewelry, add a few more pieces that flow with the theme of your outfit and taste.  You’d be surprised how great layering jewelry looks.  Only rule: if you go with a bold piece, for instance a statement necklace, wear subtle earrings or vise versa.  Rings and bracelets, pile them on.  Just make sure the rings flatter your hands.  I’m wearing a LUV AJ shark tooth necklace, handcrafted Tibetian cuff, gifted bangles, and rings from Melrose Trading Post.